Desperados Brand

Desperados is the unique premium Tequila flavoured beer with a bite. Whatever the party, drinking Desperados makes the difference. It’s the trigger that intensifies and spreads wild fun, turning good moments into unforgettable experiences. Desperados has a presence in more than 40 countries. It is unrivalled as there is no competitor for Desperados in the market. In total sales Desperados accumulated nearly 1 mio HL all around the world. Desperados is the first Tequila flavoured beer, it is the cutting edge and modern alternative to conventional drinks. It is a highly refreshing, gold coloured and full bodied lager beer with the extra kick of Tequila flavouring. The Desperados consumer wants to enjoy his liberty and freedom. He does not like convention and wants to be different. He is 18 to 25 years old and likes to party and have fun. Desperados is the beer for underground fun and thumping nightlife. Most Desperados “out-of-convention” activations are in bars and at parties. Desperados unleashes the wild side of fun with surprise, generosity, interactivity and authenticity. Being a discovery brand, everything coming from Desperados is one of its kind and generates the overall “wow” effect. Creativity, innovation and brand singularity are vital to guarantee our commitment to “only Desperados can do this”. Being a super premium brand, Desperados invites consumers to live a unique, exciting and highly valuable experience relating to the brand promise – “Better vs. More”. Without insisting on any obligations from its consumers, it is about enjoying the brand moment – “Sharing vs. Inciting”. Desperados consumers must always be a part of the brand story and experience. Involvement and empathy are key drivers to build an “aficionados-based” relationship. Focus outlets are the super premium on-trade outlets, which are open to the unexpected. Desperados (alc by vol 5,9%) is available in the iconic bottle with embossment in 0,33l and 0,65l.

Desperados Brief New Blood Awards 2016

Desperados is the world’s first tequila flavoured beer. Created in France in
1995 by innovative brewers, it has pioneered the “beer+” category,
attracting young adults bored by other lagers and beers.
Today, Desperados continues to push boundaries, bend the rules and
celebrate those who embrace their inner tequila and dial up the daring.
They are not a passive brand, and want to kick-start culture and move the world
forward creatively. Party is their playground; not party as a one-time
event but as a state of being: a party can happen anytime, anywhere, it just
needs someone with the right attitude to kick things off. Desperados is on
hand to enhance the party spirit, spicing things up with the daring edge its hint of
tequila brings.
Connect young urbanites with the Desperados spirit, through an immersive
experience that will help them release their daring side and push creative
boundaries. Show how Desperados can help create that party mood wherever
and whenever people are prepared to “release their inner tequila.”
18-24 year olds in a transformational phase of their lives, building their
identity. They know that life has lots of limitations but also infinite possibilities,
so they love to explore and experiment with new worlds and experiences.
• Experiential marketing lets you immerse your audience in brand
stories, engage their senses, and form memorable emotional connections
between them and the brand. Think about what ‘experience’ could mean,
and use a range of media and channels to bring yours to life. Think
2D, 3D, digital… it could be a physical event or activation, or something that
creates an emotional connection with the brand through other touchpoints.
It’s about doing, not telling, but could print or other traditional advertising,
play a role?

• It’s not (just) about literal parties – it’s
party as creative playground.
Desperados believe the party spirit
can come out in even the most
unlikely places and situations – how
could your response bring this to life?
• Make it relevant. What does this
audience need? What can you do to
add value to their lives?
• Be authentic and create experiences
that feel genuine and true to the
brand. Desperados has always pushed
boundaries and remixed the rules in a
refreshingly wild way. How can your
experience reflect this? How do you
surprise the audience and take them
out of their comfort zone?
• An experiential campaign across
multiple touchpoints.
• Whether it’s an event or other
activation, you must consider digital
elements and how it would link up with
packaging and point of sale. How can
you innovate with these touchpoints?
• Your activation should focus on a
social rather than individual
• Desperados is an alcohol brand, so
you must consider the responsibilities
which comes with promoting alcohol.
See the Rules on Responsible
Commercial Communication included
in your Brief Pack for guidance.
See ‘Preparing Your Entries’, included in
your brief pack, for full format specs
– work will only be accepted in the
formats outlined.
Main deliverables (mandatory)
Present your solution using either a
video (max. 2 mins) or up to eight
presentation slide images.
Supporting material (optional)
The judges will only look at this if your
main deliverable has impressed. This
could include executions or mock-ups of
your solution, or show your process and
the development of your idea.
You can submit the following as optional
supporting material: interactive work
(websites, widgets, apps, HTML, etc.);
physical material (prototypes, mockups,
etc). If your main deliverable is video,
you can also submit up to four images.
If your main deliverable is images, you
can also submit video (max. 1 min).

First Idea – Tube App




Almost everyone sometimes gets annoyed by the tube crowds during peak-time. For example you are at the very rear carriage of the train and, as you approach the station, you realise that the exit you need is at the front of the train. This means that you have to walk along to the other end of the platform to reach it, annoying isn’t it?


The solution I suggest is a mobile app, or even an interactive screen inside the train. This would help to avoid crowds at peak-time. Using this app you can check which train door is best to get off through, so that you end up right in front of the exit you need. This would work as a good extension for the existing TFL app

App Animation